Photo Diary of A Christmas in London

Hmm no, I don’t think I can ever stop talking about London ♡…People talk about white Christmas all the time. The truth is that I’ve never witnessed a white Christmas, to my bad it never snowed during my two years in London. But I’ll still argue that London is the best place to be for Christmas. 

Carnaby Street – Year 2015

Lights, lights and more lights

The whole city comes alive during this period. Streets well lit and Central London is more than ever packed.

Central London – Selfridges, their Christmas window decors are masterpieces.

Don’t forget SALES! Winter sales, Christmas sales and Boxing day.

Christmas is not just about getting drunk, it is about spending quality time with special people. 

The warm and vibrant atmosphere

One of the nights in London. To me this is magical and like a fairytale.

And Tooting was also decorated for Christmas.

This is just an enchanting Christmas in London…

(Apologies for poor quality pictures)

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