Attractions within Chamarel Village – Mauritius

Attractions within Chamarel Village – Mauritius

Our villages are exceptionally beautiful! Wanderlust-inducing roads with immense trees swaying on both sides, dreamy sceneries of the various shades of blue of the ocean that you can spot from afar, bed of wild flowers, sugarcane fields, mountains, historical sites and the list goes on and on. Chamarel is a village full of attractions within the district of Black River. It is also one of the less populated villages of Mauritius and it formerly belonged to a Frenchman Charles Antoine de Chazal de Chamarel in the 1800s.

Chamarel waterfall

A few attractions within Chamarel

Seven Coloured Earth – Terres sept couleurs

Nature stuns us in ways we can’t even imagine. Seven Colored Earth which is greatly sought by tourists, is a natural formation of lava turned into clay minerals of seven colours. An interesting fact is even if you try to mix the coloured earth together, they will ultimately separate into distinct colours. There is a souvenir shop, children playground and an area with giant tortoises within the premises.

Seven Coloured Earth - Terres 7 couleurs - Chamarel

Curious Corner – Chamarel

For a mind-boggling experience, head to the first house of illusions of the island. They have a mirror maze with 200 mirrors, the only place where you can see many you, an upside-down room (my favourite), Ames room where people standing on one side appear smaller and those on the other side appear bigger. There are around 40 exhibits.

We had a tasty lunch at the corner cafe (Curious corner’s own little cafe). This place is open daily from 9.30 to 17.30. Spare at least 90 mins for the visit.

Waterfalls of Chamarel

You get splendid views of the 83m waterfall from the two viewpoints. It is also possible to trail down to the falls. Chamarel fall is one of the most famous attractions in Mauritius.

Rhumerie de Chamarel

Rhumerie de Chamarel is the place where those curious about how rum is manufactured can have a tour of the distillery. Sugarcane is the main ingredient in rum production and the good thing is they operate in an Eco-friendly way. Plus tasting can be done at L’Alchimiste restaurant located on-site.

Other places of interest 

The beautiful Saint Anna church built in 1876
Ebony Forest
Varangue sur Morne & a number of restaurants

  • Some of the attractions require admission fees.

Ten pictures to inspire you to visit Mauritius.

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