Five easy steps to planning your own trip

Planning a trip takes time and requires much effort. Many people prefer to book group tours for vacations which I definitely recommend. If you want to skip the crowd, spend some me time and save some quids, planning the whole thing by yourself is an option. You can soon board the flight for your dreamiest vacay within five little steps.


Destination √
Money for the trip √
Vacation Leave approved √

The very first thing you need to do after choosing your destination is to make an estimate of how much you are willing to spend on the trip. Consider expenses such as flight tickets, accommodation, transport, food, entertainment, shopping and some spare money in case of emergencies.

Book your flight ticket (and transit flights if needed)
This step is so heart-satisfying. Yes, finally booking your plane ticket for the vacation that you’ve been dreaming of since an eternity is the best part!
I suggest using Sky-scanner which helps you to compare the prices of plane ticket for different airlines and the timings. I then reckon you to book directly from the chosen airline’s website. It is cheaper and safer to book directly. It is better to buy your ticket in advance to avoid paying a high price at last minute. An important part of this step is to check visa requirements when booking a flight.

Booking for accommodation can be a daunting task. What I normally do is check all hotels within my budget and requirements on Expedia or I then check for the price on the hotel’s website and reviews on TripAdvisor (I also look for videos on YouTube). I also research on the hotel’s location, whether it is easy to commute to other places from there and if it is safe to walk the streets at night.

If your destination country has great transport links, you get can a travel card upon arrival or a day pass.
– Some hotels offer complimentary airport shuttle, do check with your hotel before the trip. And if you are arriving at odd hours, it might just be better to book a cab.
– You can also opt for guided day tours which provide pick up and drop off services or rent a car and play the tour guide.

Plan your activities and places of interests you want to visit
Use inspirations from tour companies’ websites to plan your day. Note it all how you are going to spend each day, if possible write down train timings in advance to travel stress free. Make the most of free walking tours available, they are absolutely worth it and you learn a lot more about the country. Research on the main attractions.

Next is to start packing and catch your flight!
Step 1 to 5 is completed. All you have to do now is pack your stuffs and leave, yayy! Make sure you have all your documents ready, your boarding pass and passport. It is also advisable to keep copies of your passport; some countries might require you showing a valid proof anytime. Another problem I had when I was in London was my bank (in Mauritius) kept blocking my card and I had to call them all the time so they would reactivate it. It is important to inform your bank when you travel especially if you intend to withdraw money from your account. Don’t forget to exchange your money!

Two last things before the trip
Travel insurance! I used to not travel with insurance before but now I make it a habit to get an inexpensive travel insurance just for safety.
Get a sim card as soon as you reach your destination. It is a lot easier to get around if you have mobile data and also to make calls in case of emergencies.

And that’s it, Bon Voyage!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.



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