Five reasons to create Art (Plus some of my artworks)

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, said Pablo Picasso.

Art is vast and it is for everyone. It takes various forms such as painting, drawing, dancing, photography and creating music to name a few. It doesn’t mean that you are ill or depressed if you are creating Art and it is likewise not limited to age and it needs no artistic skills.

Here are five benefits of creating Art.

1. As a therapy

It is mostly used with people suffering from mental disorders, severe addictions and suicidal tendencies. Art allows people to express themselves, their traumatic experiences and emotions in a less painful way, often without using words. Research shows that creating Arts help to improve recovery time.

In addition it helps to relieve cancer patients going through painful treatments to recover from trauma, to better manage stress and express their feelings. Making Arts keep the brain active and prevent further memory loss for those suffering from Alzheimer.

2. Keeps the brain Healthy & Active

Mental illnesses often result from loss of communication between our brain cells. Art acts as a brain exercise and it stimulates the growth of new neurons which ensures communication between the left and the right brains. Listening to music, learning a new language, gardening or playing music instruments also provide the same boost to our brain system.

I bet you didn’t know this.

3. Reduce stress & calm anxiety

Art helps to reduce stress hormones and in turn it increases the levels of dopamine which fight fatigue and mood swings.  It is a way to shift focus to better things and elevate the mood.

4. Focus & develop a creative mind

It improves focus and instills the person the pay attention to details thus resulting in the person performing better in other fields. Art triggers the imagination, keeps the mind from wandering and unlocks the power of creativity. This develops new skills such as problem solving skills. Consequently, it is said to create better students for life.

5. Career or a supplementary source of income

Moreover Art is not just about painting canvases and selling them. There are ample of choices for people who are passionate about a career in Arts such as graphic designers, interior decorators and designers, fashion designers, illustrators, website designers, teachers, craft makers. You never know when your love for Art could turn into a successful career path or if not, it might bring some side income.

I guess you know what to do now?

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