How to be a better person (to yourself and to others)

How to be a better person (to yourself and to others)

That one question that I always ask myself is ‘’How can I be a better person?’’ Little and kind gestures daily and oodles of compassion are needed to make this world better. No one can change overnight but there are a number of ways to improve as a person. Being a better person means learning to love yourself first so that you can treat other people with the same love, respect and care. 

Practise gratitude and fill your mind with good thoughts
Say ‘’Thank you’’ often. Always be grateful for what you have even the smallest thing such as the privilege of being well dressed or a hot cup of your favourite tea. You automatically shift into a joyful mood when you start to incorporate gratitude into your daily routine. The book ‘The Secret’ teaches us to cherish what we have so that we attract more good things into our lives. You can start by keeping a gratitude journal and write down five things you’re grateful for each day.

Similarly nurturing good thoughts and talks help to eliminate negative thoughts. It is of utmost importance to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Encourage and adopt the habit of positive self-talk. This will help to uplift your mood and instill confidence in yourself.

The way you treat other people
Besides being grateful for what you have, being a good human means acknowledging things that people do for us and thanking them in return. It might be someone offering you a lift or buying you a coffee. Additionally, it doesn’t cost a single penny to say ‘good morning’ to people you encounter daily. Learn to smile at people and greet them. Always treat people the way you would want them to treat you.

Honour your commitments, drop ego & practise forgiveness.
Live up to your promises. People are most likely to trust you if you respect your commitments. Instead of fretting over small things and holding grudges, learn to show empathy – drop your ego, roll with it and practise forgiveness. 

Stop complaining
Instead of complaining for little things that didn’t go as per your wish, try see the good in whatever happens. For example, if you keep complaining about the bus coming late, this will not change anything. What is done is done. Instead read a book or listen to a podcast to use up the free time. 

Random Acts of Kindness
One thing I’ve noticed is whenever I do something nice for a random person or my loved one, it fills my own cup with happiness. Practise random acts of kindness such as buying flowers for a loved one, holding the lift open for a stranger, giving your seat to an old person or making donations to the less fortunate. Acts of kindness do not come with a price tag. Make people feel special whenever you can and not just for birthdays. Learn to celebrate other people’s wins. 

Stop judging other people
Every single person on this planet is special and has something to offer. People often have this habit of judging other people based on their occupation, skin color, their look or religion. The fact is that we are all different to each other and all these unique quirky traits make us beautiful beings. Our choices and lifestyles are different and it is important to respect these differences. Every person you meet has something to teach. Quit making assumptions and talking behind people’s back. Try to accept people as they are.

Self-Love and self-care

To be able to share love with other people, one needs to feel loved and content. Believe that behind every failure there is a lesson and everything happens for the best. Instead of beating yourself up for failing at something, think otherwise and praise yourself for giving it a try and learning something from it. Adopt a good lifestyle. Self-love and self-care can be treating yourself to a good meal, watching a good movie or doing some yoga.

A good sleeping pattern wakes you up with plenty of energy for you to tackle your daily tasks more efficiently and it keeps the bad mood away.

Exercise and spend some time in natureworking out gives you self-satisfaction and you automatically feel motivated. Try to take an occasional break from social media and gadgets to focus more on yourself. Taking time off devices gives you time to work on yourself and your goals and a better mental health.

Clean and declutter your space – clear your desk, make your bed and get rid of stuff that you never use. This makes you a more organised person and instills positive energy. 

Find here some self-care ideas.

When someone is confiding in you, it means the person trusts that you will listen, guide and not judge. Stop the need to interrupt and be an attention seeker. Listen to the person, pay attention to what the person is sharing with you and then speak your mind. Show interest by asking questions, offering your help or just be supportive.

Ask for feedback
Our negative traits are easily noticeable to other people. If someone gives you feedback, it is a second chance for you to work on yourself and become a better person. However, we often take any negative feedback personally and we tend to blame the other person instead. See it as an opportunity for change.

Stay in touch with your loved ones
I know we have a pretty hectic schedule and I often blame myself for not keeping in touch with my loved ones. Once in a while, pick up the phone and call a friend or a relative to check on how they’re doing. Encourage people when you know they need some motivation or they are sharing their worries with you.

To conclude, life is not always a merry ride. It is perfectly human to be sad, angry and have negative thoughts. But if you have the willingness to be a better person, life will automatically be easier. Be that person you can be proud of.I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post! Thanks for dropping by.


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