Recipe – Lady finger / Okra Salad (Salade Lalo)

Recipe – Lady finger / Okra Salad (Salade Lalo)

Lady finger / Okra Salad known as Salade Lalo in Mauritius is one of the healthiest mini dish that you can prepare under just 15 minutes. It is an excellent choice as an accompaniment. On top of that it is extremely nutritious and tasty.

Lady finger/Okra is a great source of fiber and contains a number of nutrients and vitamins such as iron, folate, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and antioxidants. It has many health benefits. Research showed that it helps to regulate the level of sugar in the body and it improves the digestive system. It is good for the heart and has numerous benefits for pregnant ladies.

Here’s the recipe for you : 

Lady finger (Okra) Salade - Salade Lalo

Lady finger / Okra Salad (Salade Lalo in Mauritian Creole language) is one of the healthiest mini dish that you can prepare under just 15 minutes. It is an excellent choice as an accompaniment and is tasty.
Servings 2 people


  • 250g Lady Finger / Okra
  • 1 Small onion
  • 1 Tomato
  • Fresh coriander
  • 1 pan Water for boiling
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp Vinegar


  • Bring some water to a boil. Add a little bit of salt.
  • When it comes to rolling boil, add the lady finger.
  • It should normally cook in 2-3 mins. Do not overcook. Turn the flame off, drain and wash the lady finger with cold water.
  • Cut the lady finger in two - three pieces.
  • Add chopped onion, tomato and coriander.
  • Add the seasonings (Olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper).
  • Serve with bread or eat as salad.

The dish is ready. So easy, isn’t it?

You can have it just plain as a salad or with bread. 

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  1. February 10, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    In Nigeria, we call lady fingers Okra and usually chop or grate it then use it to make a thick soup. It’s nice to see how it is used in other countries/cultures. xx

  2. Lifeandash
    February 10, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Hi 🙂
    Yes, many people used to call it Okra when I was in UK too.
    Never tried it in soup, totally each country has their own way of preparing it. Will definitely try it in soup someday.

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