What I miss the most about London – Top 10 things to do in the city

London is MAGICAL – I repeat. I swear I miss this city more than anything else. It’s already a year now since I’m back home (Mauritius) after spending almost 2 years there. There isn’t a single day that passed by and I didn’t think about UK. It is hard not to anyway. You will never get bored in the queen’s city, there’s ample of things to do and places to see.

Here are my top ten things to do/see/try in London:

1. Visit the Parks

There are 8 Royal Parks in London and a number of open spaces. You have have have to visit St James’ Park! Spectacular views from the lakes and the park bursting with echoes of children playing, the ducks’ talks and the flowers swaying in the fine breeze…

Picture credit : My uncle

My second favorite park is Hyde Park, best to visit in Spring when it is all colorful and full of life. Aww those beautiful swans.

2. Food experience

You really can’t deny that you didn’t find something you wanted to eat in London.
You can have the best turkish food ever in Kings’ Cross, the light sandwich at Pret (Their hummus wrap is the bessst), delicious Indian food across the city and even better food spree at Camden Market.

Turkish lunch

3. Shopping

This is what I miss the most!
– Areas to hit for the best deals : Walthamstow (great cheap deals – Bardo shop), Stratford – Westfield Mall, Oxford street.

4. Cycle in Central London:

This was daring because I cycled in Central London in the crazy traffic after years (So far, one of my best memories). You can ride a bike for free for 30 mins, what are you waiting for? Go grab your bicycle! (Picture : Cycling in Croydon, at my cousin’s place).

5. Eat waffle in London

 Never found that piece of heaven anywhere else. Try Wafflemeister, I think they have multiple locations across London. I always go to the Oxford Street one.

6. See the change of guard. 

Well, I’ve been lucky enough to see the change of guard and parade a few times. This is a must see while in London.

7. See the main attractions in London:

That’s obvious, init?
Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, St Paul Cathedral, Millenium bridge, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus(Night time is the best). Don’t forget to get a picture of you in the red telephone booth :p

8. Museums 

There’s loads of them to explore. Pick up some of your favorite subject interest and visit them museums. I love Art and the National gallery had to be my ultimate one. They are free to visit too (most of them are).

9. Covent Garden

I don’t know why it is called Covent Garden but I surely know that Masala Zone restaurant is found there, there’s always people who come there to perform, do little tricks and there are loads of shops and food corners! This is one fun spot to hit.

10. Platform 9 3/4

You will hate me for this, I think I only watched 1 or 2 Harry Potter movies. So while all my friends were super excited to have them clicked with the scarf etc, I simply sighed at the crowd and didn’t do it. I reckon you to dismiss the waiting line and have your picture taken. Now I regret not doing it, I’ve seen cool pictures of people taken there.

My list ends here but the bucket list of things to do and see in the city, is infinite.

Beautiful London (festive season)

Ohh my London <3
I hope to see you soon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.


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