Mallorca Diary : Valldemossa


A romantic name just as romantic as its name says. A visit to this place is just quintessential.

Do you know about Chopin’s story ? 

Frederick Chopin (Polish composer) and his lover Sand (writer of A winter in Mallorca) moved to Mallorca in 1838 in hope that the warm climate would make things better for Chopin and his unstable health and to spice up his love life. It seemed like they faced many struggles in this island mostly with finding accommodation as they were living together without a marriage and not to forget the Mallorcan winter. They later shifted to an abandoned Carthusian monastery in Valldemossa, living in a monk cell. As winter hit Mallorca, Chopin’s health worsened, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis which was incurable and neither his love flame rekindled. They both moved to France in 1839 where they both had a nice 7 years. Sand and Chopin separated in 1848. Chopin remained ill for sometimes until he collapsed in 1849 at only 39.

The Road Trip to Valldemossa

This was one of the best ride I ever had in my life. It started from Palma de Mallorca, by bus. We passed along the lush countryside and the Mediterranean sea (watch out for the stunning views of the cliffs and wave crashing, you will at some point feel like the bus is going straight to the sea, it is fun!) up to Sierra de Tramuntana, with a lot of twists and turns, perfect for adventure lovers. Take the window seat.

We took a quick route to get back to Palma de Mallorca through the Soller tunnel.

You will find hundreds of lemon, orange and olive trees pretty much everywhere.

The cute houses and cobbled streets

All the houses are beautifully decorated with flowers, plants, pots and trees in a unique display. I guess all the house owners follow the trend. This is one of the things that you HAVE to do during your visit to Valldemossa, stroll along the streets! The Mallorcan creativity and decor are simply amazing.

The cobbled street

Keep your camera in hand, the views from this scenic mountainous town are worth to be captured.

The alley of souvenir shops and restaurants. 

I visited Valldemossa & Mallorca in March. While the temperature was lovely in Palma de Mallorca and the surrounding regions, it did get a lot colder in Valldemossa and up hill areas.

Half a day is enough to visit Valldemossa. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.

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