RIU Le Morne Club Hotel & Resort review – Le Morne, Mauritius

RIU Le Morne Club Hotel & Resort review – Le Morne, Mauritius

As tradition calls each year, we visit a hotel for my parent’s wedding anniversary (we were blessed with two hotel breaks this year). We chose RIU Le Morne Hotel which is situated along the southwest coast of Mauritius. It is an all-inclusive ADULT only resort while the sibling RIU Creole is for family. Interestingly, RIU was founded by a Spanish family from my favorite island, Mallorca, back in 1953. They have set up 105 hotels in 19 countries and rank among the largest hotel chains in the world.
Now, isn’t this the most staggering sunset you’ve seen?

Rooms at RIU Le Morne (8/10)

Small but clean and well maintained. My room was close to the reception & restaurant which was very convenient. They provide a free mini bar which is topped up once a day and tea/coffee making facilities are available in the room. We had our own balcony overlooking the garden and restaurant. The minus points are that they don’t provide bathing ropes or disposable slippers and there is no bathtub. The bathroom is also inconvenient if you’re sharing the room with siblings or friends.

Let’s jump to the best part – FOOD (10/10)

Although they have three restaurants, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the main restaurant La Gaulet.

A haven for food!!!

Trust me, All-inclusive at RIU does not mean LIMITED OPTION OR JUST OK FOOD!!! We were overwhelmed by the wide variety of dishes & cuisines at buffet. I’ve had the tastiest lamb curry, flavor packed kebab and tried a number of new dishes. Plus the snack bar runs 24 hours. You can get ready made burgers, croissant, fruits and cakes at your disposal at night time whilst you have a lot more options to choose from during the day (burgers, fries, salads, different types of desserts and what not?). Indulge in as many cocktails as you want, the all inclusive package includes unlimited local and imported spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks.

Activities & Entertainment (10/10)

Most of the activities are offered by RIU Creole which you can easily reach within a few minutes’ walk.

They deserve more than 10/10 when it comes to entertainment and activities. The animation team put their souls out in entertaining the guests. They offer live shows, music and they have an in-house nightclub. On the first night, they did sort of a funny couple game show and the second night, they tried to perform on a number of songs changing costumes each time. After the show, the perfect way to end the night is to have shots and dance. Since there was a wedding taking place at the hotel that weekend, the nightclub allowed the newly wedded couple to open the dance and do the bouquet ceremony. Guess who caught the bouquet? Me!!

Keep fit during your stay with the gym, water sports (Paddle surf, windsurfing, kayak, snorkeling, scuba diving), aqua gym at RIU Creole. All sea activities need reservation. There is a super fun kids’ pool/area at RIU Creole. Their largest pool at RIU Creole was under repair but we still had a great time relaxing in the pool at RIU Le Morne. We also tried the relaxing bath (30 mins slot on reservation) at Renova Spa.

Tic Toc, it’s almost five and we gotta leave now. But who wants to go?
Admittedly, I could stay there sitting by the beach under the shy sun, wind blowing never mind, staring at the mesmerizing blue sky and lagoon full of windsurfers, some of them falling, then getting up, falling again but never giving up. Not to forget, my favorite mojito in hand.


Staffs were friendly and outgoing. RIU Le Morne hotel is a definite front-runner for us, we had a blast! Check-out time is at noon but you can still enjoy the hotel facilities till 5 pm.
P.s I booked on Mari deal.

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