Stress management – tips

Stress : when million thoughts keep running across your tiny mind, when the heart beats faster, a slight discomfort feel and you instantly run out of energy. 
If there is one thing that absolutely ruins my life, it is stress. It is there and creates a real mess in my head, it causes huge instability both mentality and physically(health-wise).

Since a year now, I have been finding ways to overcome stress or at least learn to manage it.

I’ll share a few tips on stress management.

1. Stress factors & solutions 
You have to identify your stress factors, these are basically reasons behind the word stress. Find out what your problems are. It may be that you are unhappy with your job, relationships or yourself. Jot them all down. Every problem has a solution, seek for it and seek out to those who you can confide to. Do not avoid your problems, they will cross your path again and again, solve them!

If you don’t like your job, look for another one or what you can do to advance your career path and live your dream life. Life will get easier eventually, just remember that it is never too late to start something new. As I say, be the pilot of your own life. 

2. Socialize.
I was an all time bear hibernating in a cave and I would never get out of my comfort zone, I used to avoid socializing. Being around people helps, but for that you have to choose a few people that you enjoy spending time with and those people whose interests match yours. Their company should broaden your perspectives on life. Talk to these people, learn from them and you will soon realize that everyone stresses about something, they just see their problems as challenges to overcome.

3. Acknowledge the fact that life is short.
Act silly with loved ones, take pictures and capture moments. Make a challenge and life bucket list with all the things you always wanted to do in life for example hike a mountain or dive in a chocolate fountain and then start ticking them off the list. Make sure the list consists of things that you truly want to do. You will feel better and stronger after each completed challenge.

4. Start healthy living & thinking. Take care of yourself and develop a healthy lifestyle. This helps immensely. You do not have to do much, 10 mins of your favorite exercise daily and a fair eating lifestyle. We all love fast food, I am not telling you to stop them but to have them with limits. Include vegetables, fruits, healthy carbs and a lot of water to your daily routine. Try some mind exercises as well such as yoga, meditation, nature or sea therapy.

5. Make a few changes to your routine life in a more professional way. This takes more time and requires more of discipline. You have to create your own life rules and follow them. Planning & time management is vital to a good life. 

Stress is the cause of so many illnesses. We all need help with it and I believe we can all heal with time and proper techniques.

What are your ways to break the stress? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.


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