Tanah Lot, Land on sea – Crowded and yet peaceful?

My title is slightly confusing. How can a place be crowded and yet peaceful at the same time? However this is the perfect two words to describe Tanah Lot. Once there, you’d be so immersed in the beauty of this place that even the crowd will seem invisible and everything around placid.

Tanah Lot means Land on sea. There are different versions on the internet about its origin. The person behind this magnificent creation is a Brahmin named Danghyang Nirartha. He built the temple as a mean to spread Hinduism in Bali.

And so we reached our last stop of the day, Tanah Lot at around 3 pm. Before that, we had a quick late lunch at the restaurant, Warung Subak Pekendungan. I give this restaurant a thumbs up, the food was fresh and tasty. I was more fascinated by the set up, imagine sitting over a fish lake, admiring and feeding Koi.

Getting back to Tanah Lot, I believe it is tradition over there to get blessings from the priests. They will sprinkle some ‘holy’ water on you, fill your forehead with some rice and powder and put a flower behind your ear (you have to give some donation in return). There is also a little cave beneath the temple where the believed guardian snake resides. However, I think this is mostly business now as you have to pay to see the snake, that too there is a minimum fee. I didn’t bother to see it to be honest as the man seemed to be really arrogant. I also heard there are sea snakes that protect the temple (Thank god, my mum didn’t know about this, she would have never agreed to go there).

The best time to visit Tanah Lot is near sunset time. I was there around 4 pm. We still got mesmerizing views. Added to this, watching the avid surfers fighting the waves was a treat to the eyes.

A visit to Tanah Lot is mandatory and make sure to have your camera ready. By the way, this is where I bought Rambutan in Bali (You know what I’m talking about if you read my post about Foods I tried in Bali).

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.


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