10 pictures to inspire you to visit MAURITIUS

10 pictures to inspire you to visit MAURITIUS

If you’re drooling about visiting the unquestionably charming, Mauritius, here are 10 pictures to inspire you to finally book that ticket! The natural beauty of Mauritius will leave you spellbound. There are many direct flights to the island and there is no dearth of luxury hotels, Airbnb, villas and private residences to accommodate you. Mauritius is an all in one package be it you love the sea, spa, food, shopping, hiking or clubbing. Trust me, it is time to tick this place off your bucket list and drift into dreamland.

Eau Bleue Waterfall

Mauritius is blessed with a plethora of impressive and picturesque waterfalls. Saturday adventures continue with a quick visit to Eau Bleue waterfall, one of the lesser known gems in Mauritius. It is also called Cascade Ramma. What sets Eau Bleue waterfall apart from the other many waterfalls in Mauritius is its beautiful turquoise water, that’s how it got its name. It is definitely not the tallest fall you’ll encounter, with water cascading only some 15 meters down, but it surely...read more

Seven-coloured earth, Chamarel

Our villages are exceptionally beautiful! Wanderlust-inducing roads with immense trees swaying on both sides, dreamy sceneries of the various shades of blue of the ocean that you can spot from afar, bed of wild flowers, sugarcane fields, mountains, historical sites and the list goes on and on. Chamarel is a village full of attractions within the district of Black River. It is also one of the less populated villages of Mauritius and it formerly belonged to a Frenchman Charles Antoine de Chazal de Chamarel in the 1800s...read more

Bain Boeuf beach (North of Mauritius)

Who doesn’t want to spend languid days at the many offbeat beaches of the island? Bain Boeuf beach is definitely one of my favourite! Such an idyllic scenery, right?


A haven for food lovers. From street food to posh restaurants, Mauritian food might just leave you wanting for more. Forget dieting, try to eat as much as you can while you are here. Dive in a meal feast, be it Indian, Chinese, African, pure Mauritian or European food, you will be pampered with the exquisite blend of different cuisines. Also indulge in tropical fruits such as lychees, longans, mangoes, jambalac and pineapples. Mauritians relish on fried noodles (mine frite), Octopus salad, Salted Fish cooked in Mauritian tomato sauce known as Rougaille and Dalpuris.

Hotels & Fun

While you are here, why not splurge on a luxury hotel stay? This picture is from our stay at RIU Le Morne (Adult only) Hotel. 

Albion Village

Nestled in the west part of Mauritius, Albion is known as the quietest little village of the island and it is home to the famous lighthouse Pointe aux Caves, a fishing hotspot and a remote beach…read more

Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice Church in Cap Malheureux (North of Mauritius)

I swear this place is an absolute beauty.

Pont Naturel – South of the island

Pont Naturel (a natural bridge) sits on the southern coast of the island. This place is accessible through a rocky pathway along the sugarcane fields which was a rather fun 15 mins’ ride. This idyllic nature-sculpted bridge is a result of volcanic rock formation over a bed of ferocious water and jagged cliffs…read more

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