Interesting facts you might want to know about Bali

Interesting facts you might want to know about Bali

Around five million tourists flock to Bali every year. Is it because life is more than affordable over there, the food is amazing, its natural beauty untouched, the beaches are ace or because of the endless list of attractions? One thing for sure is that almost everyone has this paradise island on their bucket-list.

Here’s a few facts for you about BALI.

  • Schools are closed, people don’t go to work, the airport is closed and there’s minimum use of electricity on Nyepi day (New year Day in Bali). People seize this special day to reconnect with themselves and they’ll mostly meditate or pray. They are not allowed to go out of the house.
  • Coffee lovers have to pay a lot for a cup of Luwak Kopi. What’s so special about this coffee? The Asian Palm civet chooses the ripest coffee cherries to eat. The undigested coffee beans are excreted in it’s poop and the beans are collected and washed. Later to be dried, roasted, grounded and brewed. I’m glad I didn’t try it during my visit to Bali.
  • Even though Indonesia comprises mostly of a Muslim population, the main religion in Bali is Hindu. This also says that when ladies are on their period, they shouldn’t enter temples. You will find some 20,000 official temples throughout the island (and this excludes private temples in people’s yards). The one not to miss is Besakih Temple called the mother of all temples.

  • The island is known to have peak period. If you don’t want to loiter around a packed Bali, avoid visiting in June-August & November-January. Thus being one of the most sought destinations, it is no wonder that 80% of Bali’s economy survives mostly on tourism.
  • One thing that you’ll see EVERYWHERE; in cars, on streets, shops, houses, beaches, restaurants, temples are Canang Saris. These are offerings to God and spirits, consisting of banana leaves plates, flowers, rice, coins, food and incense sticks.
  • We tend to think islands are small and easy to cover in few days. Trust me it takes time to travel from one place to another even by car in Bali. It takes a minimum of 3 hours’ ride to get to North Bali from the South. The traffic is insane.
  • Fee! You have a small fee to pay before entering places of interest, temples, regions and even to cross rice terraces.
  • Most of the Hindu people in Bali don’t live near beaches and rivers. This is because they believe that evil spirits live in the sea while the good spirits nestled in the mountains. One of the most sacred place is considered to be Mount Agung. But would you live next to an active volcano?

I’m sure all this is new to you as it was to me before visiting Bali. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.

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