Gold and Spice Souks visit – Dubai

Gold and Spice Souks visit – Dubai

Dubai is the epicenter of global trade being geographically well situated between East and West; aided by the trade-friendly environment with integrated free zones, great infrastructure, and transport links. Besides petroleum products, gold, and other types of jewelries feature on Dubai’s most traded commodities. Gold is among the top three exported goods of Dubai; would you believe it? Well, this pretty much explains the hype for the Gold Souk (market). It is the largest gold market in Dubai.

Gold and Spice Souks in Dubai

Traditional markets of Dubai

Along with the Gold Souk, the Spice Souk also attracts millions of visitors annually. The Gold and Spice Souks are located adjacent to each other on the Dubai Creek in Deira and features around 380 retailers. Just follow the signs on the road to pave your way to the historical market. The textile market and perfume market are also close-by.

We visited the Gold Souk first. The covered market spreads across one main alley lined up with shops on both sides and spreads into smaller alleys of more and more shops. It’s hard to take the eyes off the exquisitely crafted pieces. We even saw some heavy golden jewelries in the form of clothes (would you believe it).

Gold and Spice Souks in Dubai
Dubai traditional market

To the east of the Gold Souk main entrance is the Perfume Souk which you can also pop in if you like perfumes. Make sure you check out 2-3 shops before purchasing an item as prices differ from shop to shop.

The Spice Market (Spice Souk) will amaze you with the colorful spread of spices, herbs, and nuts from across the world, nicely displayed in cute baskets. It’s an absolute haven for food enthusiasts. The spices and herbs are sold in packets or as per your required quantity. You can also bargain with the vendors for lower prices when you buy in larger quantities.

Gold and Spice Souks in Dubai
Dubai traditional market – Souks (Gold Souk and Spice Souk)

Most of the shops sell souvenirs in case you forgot to buy them last minute. Feel free to haggle with the sellers if you want to purchase something from the market. Many of them usually set a higher price on display and are willing to sell at cheaper prices when you approach them.

Dubai traditional market - Spice and Gold Souk
Dubai traditional market – Souk


From Saturday till Thursday: 10am-10pm

On Fridays: 4pm-10pm


By Abra ride (boat ride) or the metro station (nearest station is Al Ras Metro Station – click here for google map location).

Dubai Market - Souk
Dubai traditional market – Souks



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