How to survive long flights (+ tips)

How to survive long flights (+ tips)

Long flights are a pain! Especially when you’re already stressed out about the plane situation. Normally the thought of spending a day off at home or long flights sound grueling to many people. No phone calls, no household chores, no office work, not having to cook and the best – people serve you food to your seat. Let’s not complain.

Time is precious and while you think surviving 12 hours on a plane without WIFI is martyr, here are ten ways how to stay productive and use the time astutely.

  1. Meditate or listen to podcasts

Podcasts are life-changing and act as reminders of life rules, by this I mean inspirational podcasts from world-class speakers and Ted Talks. This is an excellent way of using your time to feed your soul without draining the eyes. Alternatively, indulge in some guided meditations (pre-download them to your smart devices).

  1. Watch a movie or two

Time goes by a lot faster when we watch movies. Some airlines have amazing selections of in-flight entertainment such as movies, documentaries and TV shows. Otherwise, you can download your favorite shows.

  1. Read a book and write in your journal

Read a book. If you’re worried about your baggage allowance and books that may take up ample space in your bag, you can now easily download the PDF versions of your favorite books.

Make the most of the placid environment to write in your journal. Write about all the things you’re grateful for e.g. sitting on the plane and heading to your dream destination. Review your bucket-list.

  1. Sort and Edit your pictures

This is such a daunting task to sort pictures that have piled up for years because we never really make time for these tasks (Maybe this is just me – guilty). So, no excuse now, do it! And while you are at it, you could also use the time to edit your pictures.

  1. Work on your blog if you have one of course or do something crafty

You can use this time to complete any pending tasks that maybe office related or blog posts. If this sounds too boring, wallow in something you enjoy doing such as drawing, squiggling, beading or play a game.

  1. Take pictures / Vlog

You got a window seat? Plane shots are dreamy!!! And the world looks thousand times more beautiful when viewed from above. The views were jaw-dropping when we were traveling from Geneva to Santorini and I spent a lot of time filming this beauty (Easy-jet, please clean your windows. They were dirty!).

  1. Sleep

This is all that I do during short flights. Waking up early to catch flights and spending a lot of time at the airport can be extremely exhaustive, thus once I’m seated in the plane, I try to get some rest.

  1. Plan your trip

Planning a trip requires much time. You can plan your days by jotting down the places you’d visit on each day, where you’d eat or the friends you’d need to catch up with. You can also make your shopping list on the plane.

  1. Learn a language

If learning a new language is one of your goals or maybe you want to learn a few words of the native language of your destination, you can do it on the plane. I use Duo-lingo App to learn Spanish. This App is amazing and it helps you keep track of your progress. They also have a few offline lessons. Knowing a few words in the language of the country you’re heading to can be handy. When I went to Mallorca, some of the hotel staffs couldn’t speak English and knowing basic Spanish facilitated communication between us.

  1. Socialize

Something I never do but maybe you’re okay with is: Talk to your neighbor? Socialize and make new friends. You can hear amazing stories and meet interesting people on the plane.

I’m sure you can now think of many other ways to make long flights interesting and dribble away the hours.

Few tips for your flight

  1. Wear comfortable clothes.
  2. Stay hydrated.
  3. Pack light. Avoid bringing too much stuffs on board.
  4. Take with you some dry snacks you can munch on.
  5. Don’t forget to charge your devices and pack your headphone.

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