A visit to Pont Naturel, Mauritius (South of the island)

A visit to Pont Naturel, Mauritius (South of the island)

Another spectacular sight to behold.

Pont Naturel (a natural bridge) sits on the southern coast of the island. This place is accessible through a rocky pathway along the sugarcane fields which was a rather fun 15 mins’ ride. This idyllic nature-sculpted bridge is a result of volcanic rock formation over a bed of ferocious water and jagged cliffs.

It is really soothing to sit there and watch the waves crashing on the rocks, definitely my kind of place for some adventure and a break from routine.

As said, Pont Naturel is one of the most beautiful places of the island offering exhilarating views however it can also be a death trap. Many people didn’t survive the perilous fall from the cliff, you are advised to stand well on the edge for your own safety. It is possible to cross the bridge and take pictures if the weather is good. Additionally bear in mind that the water is absolutely not safe for swimming or diving. There are no buses to Pont Naturel. If you’re not from Mauritius, it is advisable that you book a trip with a tour guide.

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