A guide to the quiet village of Albion, Mauritius

A guide to the quiet village of Albion, Mauritius

Nestled in the west part of Mauritius, Albion is known as the quietest little village of the island and it is home to the famous lighthouse Pointe aux Caves, a fishing hotspot and a remote beach. Club Med Albion hotel is a new addition bringing some life to the area.

Among the few lighthouses in Mauritius, Pointe aux Caves also known as Albion lighthouse still active today, stands 30 meters high above the rocky shores and choppy blasphemous sea of Albion. This impressive landmark was built in 1910 and apart from serving as a navigational aid, it is also a great tourist attraction. However you need a visit permit from the Mauritius Ports Authority if the inside of the lighthouse piques your curiosity.

Clueless about this permit requirement before our trip, we unfortunately couldn’t tour the lighthouse. I wasn’t disappointed because I’ve visited Pointe aux Caves before. The views from below are incredible and picturesque too. There is an abandoned house on the site which makes it a perfect location to shoot for a horror movie.

If you feel a little adventurous, you can try the natural swimming pool right at the foot of the lighthouse. Nothing beats the tranquility of this secluded place. It’s probably a good place to meditate and do yoga (I was just posing).

Albion beach is not the perfect beach for swimming or for sea activities but it is great for fishing or just have some quiet time by the beach. One thing to try is Ah Kong boulettes (Dumplings) while you are there.

I promise there are no shortage of spots from which to enjoy enthralling views. Albion is best to visit by car as buses are less frequent.

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