A quick visit to Eau Bleue Waterfall – Mauritius

A quick visit to Eau Bleue Waterfall – Mauritius

Mauritius is blessed with a plethora of impressive and picturesque waterfalls. Saturday adventures continue with a quick visit to Eau Bleue waterfall, one of the lesser known gems in Mauritius. It is also called Cascade Ramma. What sets Eau Bleue waterfall apart from the other many waterfalls in Mauritius is its beautiful turquoise water, that’s how it got its name. It is definitely not the tallest fall you’ll encounter, with water cascading only some 15 meters down, but it surely flaunts a lush green surrounding and the clearest water I’ve seen. 

How to get there?

Both waterfalls require hiking a short but steep downhill. Guess what, the site was pelted by rain in the morning thus the pathway was slippery and muddy, even better right? Climbing down was a little struggle for me. I think the main waterfall has an alternative track.

Isn’t the view mesmerizing?

If this is what you get to see afterwards, then it’s totally worth it.

We could see a group of people swimming when we were hiking the first one. By the time we reached the second waterfall, they were leaving thus we had the whole place just for ourselves. We unfortunately didn’t swim (we all had to leave early) even though the water looked tempting.

Eau Bleue Waterfall

Unbeatable peace, quietness and dreamlike beauty, that’s how I see this place.

Caution: This site has unfortunately led to the death of a few people, reportedly some drowning cases – be careful. Mosquitoes, expect to see a lot of them thus wear your mosquito repellent. Do not park on the road! A big lorry smashed the window of a van parked on the street on that day.

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