Terrace Padi Restaurant in Tegalalang and the stunning Rice Terraces

Terrace Padi Restaurant in Tegalalang and the stunning Rice Terraces

Bali is something! There’s a little bit of magic in each and every part of the island.

Tegalalang is one of the most visited area of Bali and is located in the north of Ubud. The route leading to this place is impressive with the green alluring rice fields, rivers and cute unique restaurants.

It was raining heavily on that day and I nearly thought I wouldn’t be allowed to hike the rice terraces but I didn’t give up. I was gonna hike whether it rained or not and guess what it did stop raining at the hiking time. The weather has been kind to us then (On that, think positive and good thoughts, you will attract all good things – Inspired by the book, THE SECRET – Law of attraction. I am currently obsessed with the book).

My tour guide suggested to have lunch at the famous restaurant, Terrace Padi. I didn’t really research on eating places in Bali before the trip, I totally trusted the tour guide with this. You can check his Instagram and website.

Terrace Padi is a small restaurant overlooking the rice terraces. It is also next to the place that is so famous on Instagram for the ‘Love Bali’ sign (You have to pay a small fee to take pictures there). Moreover you can also drop by just for a drink, chill and enjoy the uncanny and tranquil scenery, like a slow-paced life.

They serve traditional Balinese and Indonesian food. Terrace Padi is renowned for their chicken curry dish. We ordered mee goreng, prawn curry and chicken curry. The food was really good and presentation was lovely too. The prices are almost the same as the other restaurants in Bali. They also have some international dish options (click for menu and bookings).

The best thing to do probably after a good lunch is sleep? Not at all, after a little break, cracking some jokes with the tour guide and talking about Bali, off we went for the mini hike. This place is so picturesque with dazzling views that you would want to take pictures every single minute. Fortunately it wasn’t crowded at that time, probably because of the rain or also the peak hours for visit are in the morning or late afternoon, so we could allow photo stops. You have to pay the rice field’s owners a little sum during the hike, this is mainly for maintenance purposes.

Summing up, Tegalalang and Terrace Padi restaurant/cafe were all worth it, a perfect sync of delicious food and panoramic views. This should be on your to visit list while in Bali ! ♡

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